A bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the prestigious JNTU, Hyderabad campus, he’s in the process of gradually losing his faith for jabbering words, cluttered sentences and verbose expressions. He’s in quest for an alternative language through the medium he executes the best, his thoughts and ideas.

Srinivas, with his core strength in designing ‘Visual Identity System’ and their dynamic implementation, is a multi- faceted designer striding around a vast zone: from conceiving strategy to technological soul hardware of the crafting.

An avid listener of a wide range of music…a moviebuff with eye for details…and moreover a sincere reader of nonfictions and theoretical discourses on Art and Design (“heavystuffs” as they’re generally referred as) Srinivas accumulates his inspiration as a collective soul from any medium that excites him.

Maintaining of almost a 360D circle across the multiple media, his passionate affair and professional indulgence encompass brand identity, packaging, environment design, way findings, editorial design, Typography and whatnot…!!!

A natural-born everCurious for new knowledge and information: anecdotes and facts, traces and trivia; a quiet killer, a man of less words and an introvert personality, his creative philosophy inclines distinctly to the orientation and tradition of minimalists.

Yet there’s questioning…and argumentative reasoning he articulates.

And there is lingering vibration and resonance that he often generates through his illustrations and depictions.

Quite a layer of layers…isn’t he?  

Welcome to The World of Srinivas Koppula…

So…go ahead…have a stroll…have an uncensored surfing…